Currently in New Orleans —March 16, 2023

Mostly Sunny and Warmer

The weather, currently.

If you have hated our cool down these last couple of days, you will get a reprieve tomorrow. High temperatures here in New Orleans will be back up into the mid 70s with mostly sunny skies. It will be a wee bit breezy out there though with winds getting up to 15-20mph throughout the day and into the afternoon.

I will personally be taking our dogs on an extra long walk and enjoy the perfect spring day we will have. Thursday evening will get considerably cloudy and there will be a slight chance of some rain overnight. It will continue to be breezy with low temperatures mild near 66°F. If you enjoyed the cool down, stay tuned, it will be making a comeback this weekend!  —Leslie Holder

What you need to know, currently.

Today, we shared a story from Grist, about how climate change is making atmospheric rivers in California much wetter and more intense. These changing patterns are making flooding along the West Coast significantly worse.

Read the full article here.

How rising temperatures are intensifying California’s atmospheric rivers
As storms get warmer and wetter, California’s flood control system is struggling to keep up with atmospheric rivers.

What you can do, currently.