Currently in New Orleans — March 17th, 2023

Rainy Morning and Afternoon then Cooler

The weather, currently.

Friday is going to be a weather day here in New Orleans. A cool front will be coming through and bringing some stormy weather along with it. The morning will start out humid and warmer with high temperatures peaking before lunch at around 75°F. It will be windy with showers and some thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon hours but should be clearing up come time for you five o'clock commuters. Friday evening will have a chance of showers still and the temperature will continue to drop with low temperatures getting down near 47°F.

Saturday will be a cloudy, windy and cooler day with winds possibly gusting up to 30mph and high temperatures only getting up into the mid 50s. May not be the best day for spring yard work. Saturday night has a possible chance of rain with lows getting down around 48°F. Sunday will be similar to Saturday will partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 50s. It will be a little cooler Sunday night with low temperatures down near 40°F. Stay safe and warm out there this weekend y'all!  —Leslie Holder

What you need to know, currently.


If you're wondering what you're looking at here, let us break it down for you.

📎 The percentages detailed in the map is a state-wise breakdown of the change in heat-trapping emissions. A negative percentage implies a decrease in emissions, while a positive percentage implies an increase. The greener the state, the higher the reduction in emissions. So that actually sounds good, right? We're seeing so much reduction across the board after all!

Well, not quite.

The United States committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, but at the current rate of reduction (i.e. 1% every year across the board) the country is not moving nearly fast enough to achieve this national target.

Top emitting sectors of electric power, transport, industry, and agriculture need to make some drastic changes at both state and local levels to create a larger dent in those reduction goals.

There have been some major wins along the way, such as a 7.2 % decrease in industrial emissions between 2005–2020! Strides ARE being made in each sector and we'll spotlight those in the coming weeks as well, so keep an eye out 🌱

— Prerana Narahari

What you can do, currently.